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CQSS Group

CQSS Group

Mr. Hampton

Mr. Hampton is from Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, four hours away from Vancouver. He has a degree in Physics from the UBCO and completed his teaching training there. He has been teaching in China for eight years, teaching Math, Physics, Calculus, and even Biology and PE. He is now the principal of Canada Qingdao Secondary School, but will still be teaching Physics 11, 12, and CLC. Outside of work, he likes to walk his dog, go for bike rides, and go scuba diving when he can.

  • Motto: He believes that making mistakes is the fastest way to learn,    and that students should always try their best, even if they're not sure if they have the right answer.


Mr. Troy

Mr. Troy started to work at CQSS from 2014, and this will be his ninth year of working here. He taught mainly grade 10  courses last year, and he will be teaching Ell 10 and Accounting 11 in the first semester. He likes reading and jogging, and he especially enjoys playing sports, such as basketball and badminton with students when he has time in the afternoon. He hopes all the students can enjoy their 3 years’ life and study here. Welcome to CQSS!

  • Motto:Sharp tools make good work.



Mr. C

Mr. C comes from New Zealand. He was graduated from the University of Havana Cub and has been in the teaching field for over 25 years in different countries, and now he is in China since 2019. Mr. C recently joined CQSS in September, 2022. He will be teaching Economics, Social Sciences and Global Development .

  • Motto: Students to acquire the learning critical skills that make them thrive in their career pathways in this 21st century and beyond. I am just a facilitator. All starts with observation skills, metacognition, what students read or write critically and creatively. Being passionate, and developing soft skills during their learning processes that helps them to solve global problems.


Mr. Kamino 

Hello. My name is Mr. Kamino. As you might know from my name and appearance, I am Japanese Canadian. I was born in Toronto, Canada. Some of my hobbies are basketball and baseball. I worked in Toronto with the Toronto District School Board for 30 years as a teacher and Vice Principal. I also worked at the University of Toronto teaching Visual Arts. Then, I travelled to Japan to teach at Kobe Shinwa Women’s University. I worked in Wenzhou two years ago teaching English, PE and Visual Arts. Both experiences have been truly amazing and I will forever memories of teaching wonderful students and working with dedicated staff.

  • Motto: Life-long learner, Just Do It.



Mr. Jeawon

Mr. Jeawon is from South Africa. He has been a BC teacher since 2019, specializing in science courses. He will be teaching Science 10, Chemistry 11/12 and Biology 11/12 in this academic year. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a Medical doctor in South Africa focusing on Surgery. He is currently studying for his Master’s degree in Clinical Dermatology through the University of South Wales. He sees himself as a relentless problem-solver and always looking for a new challenge. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, going to the gym and painting.

  • Motto: Challenge yourself to do better each time and to improve yourself with each step. Your goals will be met if you put out your best effort.



Mr. McNally

Mr. McNally has a graphic communications diploma and has worked as a designer for many years. He has a BA in history/English, a BEd in English Language Arts. and an MA in Media and Writing. He taught in South Korea for 8 years, Canada for 3 years, and China for 5.5. He loves the Chinese culture and especially the wonderful students. He is looking forward to meeting you as your new G 11-12 English teacher.

  • Motto: If we are growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.

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