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Canada Weifang Secondary School


Located within a twenty-minute drive to the city centre, CWSS is part of the sprawling campus of Weifang Number 1 middle school that includes a lake and beautiful walking trails. Teachers travel anywhere from five to twenty minutes by car to reach the school.  There are an abundance of malls, restaurants, and markets near all the staff residences. Weifang is known as the ‘Kite Capital of the World’ and is famous for its many festivals. Inexpensive flights of less than two hours leave daily for Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian from the small and very accessible Weifang airport.

Classrooms come equipped with easy-to-use smart boards, wi-fi accessibility, and modern lighting. There is a library, access to science labs, computer labs, art rooms, a gym and walking trails on the campus. The cafeteria provides healthy lunches on a daily basis. The portion sizes are very generous and cost around two dollars/day. 

Past Inspection Reports



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