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CQSS Teaching Staff

Mr. Hampton

Mr. Hampton is from Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, four hours away from Vancouver. He has a degree in Physics from the UBCO and completed his teaching training there. He has been teaching in China for eight years, teaching Math, Physics, Calculus, and even Biology and PE. He is now the principal of Canada Qingdao Secondary School, but will still be teaching Physics 11, 12, and CLC. Outside of work, he likes to walk his dog, go for bike rides, and go scuba diving when he can.

  • Motto: Always Be Improving.

Mr. Troy

Mr. Troy started to work at CQSS from 2014, and this will be his ninth year of working here. He taught mainly grade 10  courses last year, and he will be teaching Ell 10 and Accounting 11 in the first semester. He likes reading and jogging, and he especially enjoys playing sports, such as basketball and badminton with students when he has time in the afternoon. He hopes all the students can enjoy their 3 years’ life and study here. Welcome to CQSS!

  • Motto: Carpe Diem (Seize the day).


Mr. Frank Bian

Mr. Bian, from Canada, holds a Master's degree from the University of Waterloo and brings over ten years of teaching experience from both Canada and China. Specializing in mathematics and science, he will teach math, calculus, and chemistry this year. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, sports, and music. Mr. Bian is a firm believer in perseverance and curiosity as keys to learning, encouraging his students to persist and ask questions in their educational journey.

  • Motto: "Teachers change the world one child at a time."


Mr. Jeawon

Mr. Jeawon is from South Africa. He has been a BC teacher since 2019, specializing in science courses. He will be teaching Science 10, Chemistry 11/12 and Biology 11/12 in this academic year. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a Medical doctor in South Africa focusing on Surgery. He is currently studying for his Master’s degree in Clinical Dermatology through the University of South Wales. He sees himself as a relentless problem-solver and always looking for a new challenge. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, going to the gym and painting.

  • Motto: A difficult life makes for an interesting one.



Mrs. Reynecke

Mrs. Reynecke, a passionate educator from South Africa, has dedicated over twenty years to the teaching profession. She is currently an English Literature teacher in a Sino-Canadian program. Beyond teaching, she enjoys walking, reading, Sudoku, and puzzles.

Believing strongly in the transformative power of education, Mrs. Reynecke has seen how knowledge can change lives. She advises her students, "Learning is the key to opportunities. The more you learn, the richer your rewards. Education is a journey of endless possibilities. Embrace it with openness and curiosity." Her dedication and enthusiasm for teaching make her an inspirational figure in her students' learning journey.

  • Motto: Just keep swimming.



Mr. Reynecke

Mr. Reynecke, with over 30 years of teaching experience from South Africa, offers his Sino-Canadian program students valuable life and learning advice. He urges students to stay curious about the world and embrace continuous learning to thrive in an ever-changing environment. He views failures as stepping stones to success, emphasizing that challenges shape character and should be embraced to overcome and reach greater heights. Mr. Reynecke believes his guidance is a gift to his ambitious students, hoping it will lead them forward in their educational pursuits. He is committed to supporting each student's journey to become better versions of themselves through exploration, learning, and growth.

  • Motto: Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!!

Ms. Babkova

Ms. Babkova from Russia has five years of teaching experience in humanities and social sciences. She embarked on her teaching journey in China in 2017 and further expanded her impact by volunteering remotely for UN projects in Mexico and Tajikistan starting in 2022. By February 2024, she joined the CSEEC BC program, teaching Sociology and Human Geography. Renowned for her dedication and nurturing approach, Ms. Babkova is not just a teacher but also a mentor and friend to her students, emphasizing high-quality education and personal development. Her wide range of interests, including travel, dance, movies, and reading, enriches her teaching, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

  • Motto: 

Mr. Bray

Mr. Bray hails from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and holds a Master's degree in Political Economy. With 21 years of teaching experience under his belt, including 5 years at the high school level and 11 years at the university level, Mr. Bray has dedicated a significant portion of his life to education. A world traveler at heart, he has a passion for exploring new places and learning new things. Mr. Bray encourages all his students to work hard, continually improve their academic and personal skills, and aim for the ultimate goal of securing offers from their dream universities. His approach to teaching is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about inspiring growth and ambition in his students.

  • Motto: 

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