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Canada Yantai Secondary School

  • Scenically situated on the east coast in Shandong Province, Canada Yantai Secondary School (CYSS) is a small campus close to Yantai’s famous beaches, malls, gyms, and clubs. Nearby are the spacious, fully private, off campus teacher residences, shopping streets, and some of the finest restaurants under blue skies, year round.

  • Our students collaborate to learn British Columbia’s new curriculum together with the Core Competencies, the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning, and the Graduation Assessments of Numeracy and Literacy. 

  • On-going professional development for teachers is available and encouraged.

  • With technology-based instruction, our students use e-Tablets, computer labs, and smartboards to drive their research inquiries while preparing for their multi-media presentations.

  • Learning spaces include music and dance studios, an ever-growing library, a science lab, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, hockey and basketball courts, as well as gym access and the equipment rooms.

Past Inspection Reports



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