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Johnathan Academy School

  • Johnathan Academy located in Vancouver and close to Univ, British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Univ. of Victoria, and 9 other B.C. Universities and 12 colleges.

  • Our students collaborate to learn British Columbia’s new curriculum together with the Core Competencies, the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning, and the Graduation Assessments of Numeracy and Literacy. 

  • On-going professional development for teachers is available and encouraged.

  • With technology-based instruction, our students use e-Tablets, computer labs, and smartboards to drive their research inquiries while preparing for their multi-media presentations.

  • Learning spaces include music and dance studios, an ever-growing library, a science lab, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, hockey and basketball courts, as well as gym access and the equipment rooms.

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