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Canada Shandong Secondary School


Located close to the downtown area and train station in the beautiful city of Tai’an, CSSS is the host of the CSEEC Spelling Bee. Staff live within a ten-minute walk from the campus. The area is surrounded by many restaurants and malls. The school is very close to the iconic Mt. Taishan which offers year-round hiking and sightseeing opportunities. Furthermore, it is a half-hour high speed train ride away to Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, and just over two hours to Beijing.  

Classrooms come equipped with easy-to-use smart boards, wi-fi accessibility, and modern lighting. There is a library, access to science labs, computer labs, art rooms, and a gym. The cafeteria provides healthy lunches on a daily basis. The portion sizes are very generous and cost around two dollars/day. 

Past Inspection Reports


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