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CSSS Teaching Staff


Miss K is an English Language Teacher for 18 years, 5 of which are international teaching, where she helps students develop creativity, enhance higher-order thinking skills, and promote collaboration skills to increase performance and foster lifelong learning. She has a doctorate degree in Educational Management and a master’s degree in Education and Applied Linguistics. She also works on English language learning, assessments, and literacy enhancement. 

  • Motto: Miss K is always excited about travelling to see different places and enjoys various cultures' arts and music. She inspires students by sharing this quote, “Failure is the first step to success. Don’t be afraid to fall, and you can always stand up, learn from it and do better.”

Mr. Christopher Ian C. Ronquillo 

I have been an educator for 10 years now teaching science and mathematics courses. I have taught physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses to highly motivated students both in high school and university levels. I have considered teaching as a noble calling because I am able to touch and influence the lives of my students for the better.  

  • Motto: To all students of the international department of Canada Shandong Secondary School, I hope that you will always work hard at school to achieve your goals and ambitions. Show respect to your teachers and fellow students. Help each other in difficult times and create a bond that lasts for a lifetime. The full force of CSSS International Department is right behind your backs to support and guide you in achieving a brighter and better future.  

Ms. Ashie Hariparsad

Ms Ashie is a fully fledged educator who hails from South Africa. She has a Bachelors Degree in Education. She  continuously has the privilege of working with children and educators from diverse backgrounds and cultures internationally for the past 20 years. She caters for all types of learners including those with impairments and barriers to learning.

  • Motto: In her own words," I am able to converse with multi -cultural people on all levels and of all ages. l believe that learning emanates from the teacher which is imperative for the foundation  of the child and promotes divergent thinking. I am happy to say that my achievements thus far has been  to equip learners with the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to be applied out there in the real world after their schooling career has ended"  

Ms. Susan Summer Naja

Ms. Susan loves teaching. She has taught English and Humanities in eight different countries to students of all ages from kindergarten in Japan to College in Canada to Corporate English in Indonesia... a primary teaching intention is to inspire a love of learning. She thinks it's a joy to share knowledge and support learners to achieve their own personal excellence. Her educational background is varied with international teaching certifications from several schools including holistically oriented mind-heart centered schools. Cultural Anthropology and applied linguistics are her background fields of study. 

  • Motto: Teach the way you’d want to be taught.

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