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Salary and Benefits


The starting wages for a full-time teacher are between 260,000 - 338,000 RMB. Salary shall be paid in ten equal, monthly installments. CSEEC shall deposit the salary payments into the staff member’s Chinese bank account no later than the first day of the subsequent month or the first banking day if the first day falls on a Chinese statutory holiday. Salary payments shall be made in Chinese currency (RMB). 



Staff members will receive a completion bonus that will be deposited into their account on the first business day of July. Staff will also be offered a re-signing bonus if they decide to extend their employment opportunities.



CSEEC shall provide the Instructor with a one-bedroom accommodation. The accommodation shall contain a basic set of furnishings including, but not limited to, a double bed, washing machine, sofa, desk, chair, fridge, hot plate or stove, and microwave.



CSEEC shall provide the Instructor with one (1) economy return air ticket between the originating city and work city, China, for each school year of employment.


Medical and Leave:

CSEEC shall provide the Instructor with a basic health/accident insurance plan.  however, some staff opt to purchase their own private insurance. Up to a maximum of seven paid leave days for medical and/or bereavement reasons during the school year can be granted.


Visa and Work Permit:

CSEEC shall pay for fees associated with obtaining the necessary visa, work permit and residence permit for the instructor.



Staff will be given all Chinese holidays during the school year. Because the major holidays follow the lunar calendar, the beginning and end times will vary from year to year. Essentially staff will be given four weeks of vacation time as well as Chinese singular day holidays. Please note, occasionally staff will be required to work on weekends, however, the days off during the school calendar year work out to be the same as the days off accrued in British Columbian school districts.

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