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CWSS Teaching Staff

Dr. Rolly R. Perez

Dr. Rolly R. Perez, with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education and a Master's in Mathematics Education, has a rich background in educational studies, including a Master of Education from the University of Alberta, where he was an outstanding graduate. A certified teacher in Canada, he has taught extensively, including over five years in prestigious schools across China and as a professor at the Philippine Normal University. His dedication to teaching was recognized with the Superintendent Award for Excellence in Teaching for two consecutive years in China, highlighting his commitment to educational excellence.

  • Motto: “Victory won't come to me unless I go to it.”


Ms. Sunny Sun 

Ms. Sun, an accomplished educator with a Master of Social Science in International Management from the University of Sheffield, UK, brings a wealth of experience to her teaching career. In addition to her academic qualifications, she is certified with a TKT certificate, underscoring her expertise in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). With 9 years of experience in teaching ESL, including 3 years at CWSS where she taught ESL 10 and Business Education, Ms. Sun has demonstrated a profound dedication to her students, especially in assisting non-native English speakers to enhance their English skills.

Significantly, Ms. Sun has a notable achievement in rapidly improving students' IELTS writing scores, successfully helping students elevate their scores from 5 to 6.5 within just a month. This accomplishment highlights her effective teaching methods and her ability to cater to the individual needs of her students. Known for her kindness and patience, Ms. Sun has earned a reputation as an educator who not only delivers academic excellence but also genuinely cares for and supports her students in their language-learning journey.

  • Motto: “Nurture passes nature.”



Ms. Staci Ogunjobi

Ms. Staci Ogunjobi, with a Bachelor's in Clerical Business Administration from the United States Institute of Languages and Clerical Studies, is an experienced ESL teacher with over five years of experience and a TESOL certification. Starting her career by teaching adults and professionals to improve their English conversational skills and grammar, she later moved to China to teach students of all ages. Ms. Ogunjobi is known for her ability to encourage students to master English while nurturing a love of learning, demonstrating a commitment to developing both their language proficiency and their enthusiasm for education.

  • Motto: “There is no royal road to learning.”


Mr. Kiki

Mr. Kiki, a native English teacher, brings a unique blend of academic expertise and passion for education to his teaching role. Having graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, with a master's degree in Sociology, he possesses a strong academic background that enriches his teaching approach. With over nine years of combined teaching and general work experience involving students, Mr. Kiki excels in engaging with students to transform their challenges into opportunities for growth. He is dedicated to working closely with his students, guiding them through their educational journey with the goal of turning obstacles into stepping stones towards success.

  • Motto:  “Well begun is half done.”


Ms. Emma Feng

Emma Feng, an alumna of the University of Alberta, graduated with honors in Economics in 2018. Her seven years of studying and living abroad have not only enhanced her proficiency in English but also ignited a profound passion for education and the English language. Currently, Emma specializes in teaching IELTS speaking and listening, leveraging her extensive experience and enthusiasm to help students achieve their desired scores. Despite her success in these areas, Emma remains eager for new challenges and opportunities to further impact her students' educational journeys. Her commitment to teaching and continuous improvement exemplifies her dedication to both her personal growth and the advancement of her students.

  • Motto: Don’t use excused to fool failure, don’t let pride occupy your heart.

Ms. Rodith Gabayeron

Ms. Rodith Gabayeron is a distinguished educator who has dedicated 17 years to teaching Physics and Mathematics. She possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics for Teachers, with a major in Physics, which underscores her deep understanding and expertise in her field. Throughout her teaching career, Ms. Gabayeron has been committed to fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment. She encourages her students to engage deeply with the material and believes in empowering them to reach their full potential. Her extensive experience and passion for education make her a valuable asset to our school community, inspiring both students and colleagues alike.

  • Motto: "Empower through knowledge, inspire through understanding."

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