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CSSS Group

CSSS Group

Mr. Albertus Jacobus Meintjes

My name is Bert Meintjes and I'm the principal of CSSS here in Tai'an China. I was born in London and grew up in South Africa where I completed my undergraduate degree and honours at the University of Stellenbosch before starting an adventure overseas. During that time, I completed my Masters in International Security from the University of Leicester.   My work has taken me all over the world, in roles ranging from head of examinations to intelligence analyst. I am not a traditional educator but found a passion for working with others and leading people in my care towards a shared purpose. I understand the allure of expanding ones understanding of the world by experiencing what it has to offer and by giving the students at CSSS a chance to fulfill that same dream that they have, we are able to provide opportunities and wisdom to those who wish to improve themselves. 

  • Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra: Through hardships to the stars.



Miss K is an English Language Teacher for 18 years, 5 of which are international teaching, where she helps students develop creativity, enhance higher-order thinking skills, and promote collaboration skills to increase performance and foster lifelong learning. She has a doctorate degree in Educational Management and a master’s degree in Education and Applied Linguistics. She also works on English language learning, assessments, and literacy enhancement. 

  • Motto: Miss K is always excited about travelling to see different places and enjoys various cultures' arts and music. She inspires students by sharing this quote, “Failure is the first step to success. Don’t be afraid to fall, and you can always stand up, learn from it and do better.”



Mr. Christopher Ian C. Ronquillo 

I have been an educator for 10 years now teaching science and mathematics courses. I have taught physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses to highly motivated students both in high school and university levels. I have considered teaching as a noble calling because I am able to touch and influence the lives of my students for the better.  

  • Motto: To all students of the international department of Canada Shandong Secondary School, I hope that you will always work hard at school to achieve your goals and ambitions. Show respect to your teachers and fellow students. Help each other in difficult times and create a bond that lasts for a lifetime. The full force of CSSS International Department is right behind your backs to support and guide you in achieving a brighter and better future.  

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