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Qualifications and Application

We are seeking highly motivated and accredited teachers to be part of the CSEEC family of schools. Our schools' service grade ten to twelve ELL students. All schools deliver the British Columbian curriculum. 
Please submit your resume and a cover letter to:
Most of our hiring occurs after February. However, if a resume and cover letter are submitted beforehand, applicants will receive confirmation and will be given an interview if their experience and education meet the necessary requirements. Successful applicants will be notified if a position becomes available that matches their credentials.

         Applicants Must :

  • Be fluent in English

  • Hold an Undergraduate Degree

  • Teaching Certificate issued by a University

  • Prepared to apply for a BC Teacher Regulation Board (TRB) Certification

Applicants who do not hold a BC TRB certification may apply to so after they have been hired.

Teachers certified from other provinces within Canada are processed quite quickly.

Certification for teachers from other countries may take longer.

For more information, please contact:

Polo Zhang 

Tel:Canada: 604-971-6888 ext 502 Fax: 604-970-6888


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